Knit Fabrics

Offering an extensive selection to meet diverse industry needs. Our collection includes comfortable and breathable cotton knits, durable and stretchable […]

Stretch Fabric

Offering the ranges of stretch fabrics with required testing parameters. 2 way stretch 4 way stretch PC stretch Stretch Cotton-Nylon

Wax Print Fabric

High quality African fabrics. This African wax print fabric is perfect for making your own colorful clothes. 100% quality cotton […]

Polyester & Blends

We’re providing a great range of polyester fabrics: 100% polyester Minimatt PC,CVC TC & TR Organza Satins Bengaline Cotton-Viscose Blends

Denim Fabric

Denim, the iconic fabric of timeless style and durability. Our denim fabrics are a tribute to this enduring classic. Crafted […]

Greige Fabric

Embark on a journey of creativity with our exceptional Greige fabrics Poplin Cambric Voils With variety of counts and constructions […]

Polyester Pongee & Taffeta Fabric

Discover the versatility and excellence of our Polyester Pongee fabrics. Lightweight, resilient, and with a silky touch, they are perfect […]

Yarn Dyed Fabric

Elevate your textile projects with our exquisite yarn-dyed fabrics. Imbued with vibrant colors and enduring patterns, these fabrics offer a […]

Cotton Poplin Printed Fabric

At Jascorp Enterprise, we pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering top-notch textiles and fabrics. With our network spanning across […]